An Attempt at a Blog

I find myself currently sitting in front of my desktop, yearning for something more than the ordinary, mundane life I currently lead. I’ve always wanted to start writing a blog, but always found a way to put it off. It just wasn’t ever a priority to me.

I’m changing that by giving it a shot today. Last Friday, I attended a talk, and one of the speakers said something along the lines of “if you really want to do something, don’t put it off; get to doing it now”. It’s advice I’ve always known I should follow, but it’s only now that I’m deciding to really get up and do things. So yeah.

So I find myself typing aimlessly, not knowing full well what I’m doing, but finally getting started. I don’t know what to expect from this. I don’t really expect anyone to read what I write. I have this idea that the least that can come out of this experience is that I can say that I tried. So if that’s all that comes out of this experience, I’ll be pretty happy with that.

I have no prior knowledge about how to start a blog. I’ve never followed a blog, and don’t really know how this works. In the event that anyone sees this and has advice for me, I’m open to suggestions.

In the meantime, I’ll just be putting up my thoughts on a lot of things here—just the stuff that I’ve got nowhere else to place in—in the hopes that it maybe forms a cohesive, semi-decent blog.

Here goes my attempt.


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